Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

...I bring you some "JOY"! Paper mache letters, that is! This was a fun project from a couple of years ago. I bought the letters at JoAnn's fabrics, painted them red, (just the sides and the back, no need to paint the front) then covered the front with our pretty B&T papers (the Christmas line from a couple of years ago). Just trace the letters onto the papers and adhere with Bonding Memories glue. Then embellish to your heart's delight!
These letters look cute on a mantel or a shelf, or even hang them on a wall...horizontally or vertically! And of course you can spell any "Christmas-y" word....too fun!

Hope this gives you a little inspiration for a Tuesday!

Have a Merry Day...I'll be back tomorrow! Be sure and sign up to follow the blog!

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